• Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Name:Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
Size Range:2” - 72”
Design Standard:API 609, MSS SP-68, BS EN 593
Face to Face:ANSI B16.10, MSS SP-68, ISO5752, EN558
End Connection:Wafer, Lug and Flanged
Test Standard:API-598, ISO5208
Suitable Medium:Petroleum, Oil, Gas
Operated Options:Hand wheel, Gear Box, Electric, Pneumatic Actuator

Product Description

The first eccentric - shaft deviated from the center line of sealing face.

The second eccentric - shaft deviated from the center line of pipe and valve.

The thrid eccentric - the distinctive included angle between oblique taper angle of eccentric seat and centerline of pipe.

The triple offset design making the seat completely disengaged from the sealing ring during the whole process of open and close. This structure not only uses cam effect, but also eliminates the possibility of abrasion and leakage.

Zero leakage of our triple eccentric butterfly valve is implemented by the composite stainless steel sealing ring mounted on the disc. The elasticity of sealing ring is produced by its radial compression and flexibility. The contact surface between the sealing ring and seat is an oblique cone. The contact angle between them gives slight "wedge effect", making the sealing ring producing flexibility and radial compression. The even contact between regardless of the flow direction or pressure of medium.


  1. Elastic property of composite metal sealing ring to perform zero leakage

  2. Torque seal to ensure persistent two-way zero leakage

  3. The design of right-angled rotation with zero friction is implemented by the distinctive triple eccentric principle. It eliminates the friction between the seat and sealing ring in 90 rotation

  4. STL one-piece hard-surface seat may adapt to many working conditions, which is featured by long service life and easy maintenance

  5. One-piece cast (sheet welded) body, face to face dimensions conforming to ISO5752, ASME 16.10 and API609, replacement to high performance butterfly valves and other types of valves, easy and flexible installation

  6. Intrinsical fireproof property due to all metal structure and leak-tight performance

  7. Anti-blowout stem for high reliability, completely conforming to API609

  8. The valve postion indicator on the stem and the flange mounted at the top are in favor of the indication of disc position

  9. The stem of triple eccentric butterfly valve is a shaft, stem and disc are connected by of pin-key combination

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