• High Performance Butterfly Valve

Name:High Performance Butterfly Valve
Size Range:2” - 24”
Design Standard:API 609, MSS SP-68, BS EN 593
Face to Face:ANSI B16.10, MSS SP-68
End Connection:Wafer, Lug
Test Standard:API-598, MSS SP-61
Suitable Medium:Petroleum, Oil, Gas
Operated Options:Hand wheel, Gear Box, Electric, Pneumatic Actuator

Product Description


  1. Flow Way Direction - Slot on top stem indicates positive disc position

  2. Mounting Top Flange - Meets ISO5211 pattern providing low cost "Near Direct Mount" actuation capability

  3. Extra Long Neck - Provides path for heat dissipation and allows space for insulation

  4. Stem Seal - Self-lubricating PTFE V-rings prevent leakage to atmosphere

  5. O-Ring - Serves as first line of defense for stem leakage

  6. Retainer Cover - Maintains seat integrity prior to installation. Interchangeable with any seat option. Standard surface finish is 125 to 200 AARH. Compatible with both standard and spiral wound gasket designs

  7. Retainer Fastenters - SS set screws provide ease of seat replacement

  8. Over Travel Stop - Integrally cased into body, prevents disc from rotating in wrong quadrant and damaging seat

  9. Anti-Static Grounding - Provided by stem ball at the very end of the stem shaft

  10. Bottom Flange Cover - Equalizes pressure under shaft, eliminating "piston" effect at higher pressure

  11. Blow-out Proof Shaft - 174ph stainless steel stem provides excellent strength, alignment and rigid support to disc

  12. Easy-access Parking Gland - Provides means for packing adjustment even when "Direct-mount" actuation and insulation are utilized.

  13. Top Stem Bearings - Top RPTFE/SS self-lubricating bearings provide excellent stem support and shaft alignment

  14. O-Ring - Extra protection for leakage through body and seat retainer

  15. Soft Seat - One-piece solid RPTFE static and dynamic seat design seals at both high and low pressures

  16. Wedge Pins - Provide positive mechanical attachment of disc to shaft

  17. Bottom Stem Bearings - Bottom RPTFE/SS self-lubricating bearings provide excellent stem support and shaft alignment

  18. Shaft Retainer - Provides positive stem retention

  19. Bottom Packing - The lower shaft utilizes seal in the body to prevent external leakage and simplify valve maintenance

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