• Large diameter Resilient gate valve

Name:Large diameter Resilient gate valve
Size Range:DN40-DN1200(PN10/16), DN50-DN300(PN25)
Design Standard:BS5163, DIN3352/EN1171,PN10/16/25
Face to Face:DIN3202 F4 / ISO 5752 14 Series
End Flange:DIN2501, EN1092
Test Standard:DIN3230
Suitable medium:Water, Sewage, Gas
Operated Options:Hand wheel, Cap, Gear, Actuator, Extension Spindle

Product Description

AQV non-rising Resilient seated gate valve with the ductile iron gate fully encapsulated in EPDM rubber. The smooth invert eliminates dirt pockets that can prevent proper closing of the valve and accurate rubber moulding ensures low closing torques and effective seal in both water and sewage applications. The entire valve is coated with fusion bonded epoxy for a high level of corrosion protection, with all materials certified for potable water use.


  1. GGG50 / DI GJS500-7 body, bonnet and gate casted with progressive foundry technology for high strength.

  2. More stiffening ribs distributed reasonable to make solidly bulit.

  3. Integrated design stem with high strength and durability.

  4. The wedge is fully vulcanized with WRAS approved EPDM for drinking water.

  5. Wedge with central guides to avoid rubber friction when operating.

  6. Internally and externally coated with fusion bonded epoxy (FBE).

  7. Full and straight bore avoids turbulence, pressure loss and venturi effect.

  8. Back seal design allows for replacement of stem seals under operating pressure.

  9. Stem nut is separated from the wedge to avoid seizing-up.

  10. Unique gland seal design is differ from most of manufacturers.

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