• BS5163 Non-rising Stem Gate Valve

Name:BS5163 Non-rising Stem Gate Valve
Size Range:DN40-DN1200(PN10/16), DN50-DN300(PN25)
Design Standard:BS5163, PN10/PN16/PN25
Face to Face:BS5163 / ISO 5752 3 Series
End Flange:BS EN1092 / BS4504 / IS 1538
Test Standard:BS5163
Suitable medium:Tap Water, Sewage, Gas
Operated Options:Hand wheel, Cap, Gear, Actuator, Extension Spindle

Product Description

Resilient seated gate valve has many advantages against old fashioned metal seated gate valve. Lack of valve pocket for gate seat maintains smooth and unobstructed waterway; eliminates depositing of impurities which may cause ineffective shut-off and leaking from metal to metal contact in time. Resilient seat contact is easily and perfectly maintained and this allows quick and perfect change of wedge without dismantling the valve from pipeline when the rubber lining is worn out. In turn, when the metal-seated gate valve leaks, it should be returned to its factory for renewing and precise machining of metal seats, or it should be thrown away.



  1. All parts are isolated by POM (polyformaldehyde) component.

  2. A stem dust guard is fitted.

  3. Integrated design stem with high strength and durability.

  4. The wedge is fully vulcanized with WRAS approved EPDM for drinking water.

  5. Wedge with central guides to avoid rubber friction when operating.

  6. Internally and externally coated with fusion bonded epoxy (FBE).

  7. Full and straight bore avoids turbulence, pressure loss and venturi effect.

  8. Back seal design allows for replacement of stem seals under operating pressure.

  9. Stem nut is separated from the wedge to avoid seizing-up.

  10. Unique gland seal design is differ from most of manufacturers.

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