• Flanged Floating ball valve

Name:Flanged Floating ball valve
Size Range:1/2” - 12”
Design Standard:API 608, API 6D, ASME B16.34
End Flange:ASME B16.5
Face to Face:ASME B16.10
Firesafe Test:API 607- 4&5
Suitable Medium:Petroleum, Gas, Oil
Bore Type:Full and reduced bore

Product Description

Reliability and anti-static structure of stem

The stem uses anti-blowout structural design that is back seal lower-installed structure. The back sealing force will increasing due to the increasing of medium pressure when the pressure of cavity medium pressure abnormally elevated or the packing pressure plate is damaged, thus this structure can ensure reliable sealing of stem and prevent it is blown out.

Fire-proof struction

When the fire occurred in valve applying site, after the seat sealing ring, upper sealing ring of stem, sealing packing of stem and medium flange sealing of PTFE and other non-metallic materials have been decomposed and damaged, the special metal to meatal auxiliary sealing structure design of AQV, fully control the inner and outer leakage of valve effectively. The fire-proof designs of AQV floating ball valves are conformed with requirements of standards such as API 607, API 6FA and BS6755.

Anti-misoperation & platform preserved for actuation device

We use limit plate with 90 degree for floating ball valves, also we can adopt the locking device according with customers' requirement to avoid misoperation. The design of flat type is adopted for the top of the stem, thus when the valve is open, the handle is in parallel with pipe, when close, the handle is perpendicular with the pipe, which can guarantee there will be no error in valve switch indication.

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