• Flange end concentric butterfly valve

Name:Flange end concentric butterfly valve
Size Range:DN100-DN1200
Design Standard:EN593,AWWA,DIN
Face to Face:EN558:(DIN3202 F4),ISO5752 Series 13/14, BS5155
End Flange:ISO7005-2(EN1092-2, DIN2501)
Suitable Temperature:-10°C~120°C
Suitable Medium:Water, Sewage, Gas
Operated Options:Gear, Actuator

Product Description


  1.  U type flange butterfly valve is designed for large pipe network requirements.

  2.  Ruggedized valve body structure with high safety factor can withstand enormous pressure in pipeline.

  3.  Valve seat is adopt sleeve type design.

  4.  Thrust bearing was settled in the bottom of stem to prevent disc displacement caused by disc dead-weight.

  5.  One-piece stem design to make itself with high bending strength and low torque in close-open.

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