• Flange end double eccentric butterfly valve

Name:Flange end double eccentric butterfly valve
Size Range:DN100-DN1200
Design Standard:EN593,AWWA,DIN
Face to Face:EN558:(DIN3202 F4),ISO5752 Series 13/14, BS5155
End Flange:ISO7005-2(EN1092-2, DIN2501)
Suitable Temperature:-10°C~120°C
Suitable Medium:Water, Sewage, Gas
Operated Options:Gear, Actuator

Product Description


  1.  AQV Flange end double eccentric butterfly valve with solid and compact structure.

  2.  90 degree rotation, quick open-close.

  3.  Double eccentric structure allows reduced friction with seal ring and extended service life.

  4.  Excellent seal design gives a full sealing without any leakage to ensure a reliable application in adverse working conditions.

  5.  Disc seal ring, O-ring, disc, shaft could be changed to meet various of medium and temperature requirements.

  6.  Foundation support design makes vertical and horizontal installation are both available.

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