• Cast Iron Y Type Strainer

Name:Cast Iron Y Type Strainer
Size Range:DN50-DN400
Design Standard:DIN 3352
Face to Face:DIN 3202 - F1
End Flange:EN1092-2
Test Standard:EN 12266-1
Suitable medium:Water, Sewage, Gas
Application temperature:≤80℃

Product Description

Y strainer is a flow filter installed on the pipeline to remove impurity, so that the machinery equipment such as compressor, pumps, stop valves and instruments can work normally. Impurity could be discharged from strianer outlet which make the maintenance conviently.

An important consideration in selection of strainer is the size of the perforation or mesh used in the making of the screen. And strainers should provide maximum size of solids that can be passed.

  1. Screen opening should be approximately 2/3 to 1/2 maximum allowable solids size.

  2. Standard perforated 304 stainless steel is spot welded along the seam from maximum strength.

  3. Screens for water will be supplied if the medium is not indicated.

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