• Resilient Seated Ball Check Valve

Name:Resilient Seated Ball Check Valve
Size Range:DN40-DN300
Design Standard:DIN3202 - F6
Face to Face:DIN3202 - F6
End Flange:BS EN1092
Test Standard:EN 12266-1
Suitable medium:Water, Sewage, Gas
Application temperature:≤ 80℃

Product Description

Ball check valve (Non return check valve) is a specific type of valve which can prevent backflow from occurring. It allows flow in one direction and automaticlly prevents reverse flow when refluxing occurs in pipeline. Rubberized ball's movement rely on flow pressure but don't require any assistance to open and close.

Threaded ends from DN32 to DN80, BSP according to ISO 228-1

Flanged ends from DN40 to DN300, EN1092-2 PN10/PN16

Minimum backpressure for tightness from 0.3 bar to 0.5 bar

Face to face dimensions for flanged type according to EN558-1 Series 48(DIN3202 F6)


  1. Full bore with silent design

  2. Self cleaing ball

  3. Low pressure drop

  4. Removable bonnet for cleaning or changing the ball without disassembly out of the pipeline.

  5. Horizontal and vertical installation are both available.

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